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My boyfriend and I were referred to Mike and I am very glad we were!

He helped us find and buy our first home. We did not know much about the home buying process and was patient with us the whole time, and he was always able to answer all of our questions. He was quick about sending listings and scheduling showings for the properties we were interested in, and he worked hand in hand with our lender. We wouldn't of found our new home without him. I highly recommend giving him a call if your looking for someone who is great at what they do!

Jeremy and Emily

When my husband and I decided several months ago to buy a house, we were not sure what to do beyond search on-line at the listings with the criteria we were looking for and watching for open houses.

So one night we found one that we wanted to inquire about and saw Mike's name and contact information to see what he could tell us about the house in more detail. We didn't think we would get a response right away as it was later in the evening, maybe the next day. We were very surprised when we received a response from Mike right away. As we were talking I said that if it takes looking at 100+ house for us to find the right one are you in? He responded whatever it takes to find you what you are looking for I'm in...from that moment we knew he was our guy to help us find a new home. Mike was very helpful emailing us several listings with the criteria we were looking for, answering our calls with questions and requests to see if we could meet to look at a house. With the housing Market the way it is today, he helped keep us positive as we went through the offer process with several house until we found the right one in Woodland, WA. All the way through the process to when he handed the keys to us a few days ago, Mike has been on our side. Thank you Mike we could not have done this with out your help. Dennis and Melissa Decius

Melissa Decius

I would like to take a minute to tell you how much my husband and I appreciated the expert work that Mike McCoy did for us to acquire our new home in Salmon Creek.

He was very sensitive to our priorities and wishes in selecting homes to view. It was refreshing to have a sales person treat us as if we actually knew what we wanted and didn't try to sell us something that HE wanted. Mike knew our work schedule is heavy and worked around it to accommodate us. He was quick to answer our questions and kept the paper work up to date and simple. We appreciated being kept up to date and in the loop with all the signing and calls that had to be made. We are very grateful for all the times he met us at the new house for measuring, bids by the workmen and just the times we needed to reassure ourselves that we picked the right house. We can't believe that from the 1st viewing of the house to the final funding was only 2 full weeks. Mike was part of the team that made it happen for us. He has been very professional and we look forward to recommending him to anyone who needs a good real estate agent. Joanne & Dick Gadsden

Joanne & Dick Gadsden

A really good friend of mine recommended that I speak to Mike for the sale of my home and the purchase of my second home.

I called Mike and right off the bat he made me feel at ease. He’s a knowledgeable and experienced agent who is always looking for your best interest. Every time I had a question or concern about the process he was very prompt and reliable in responding. Wonderful experience and enjoying my new home!


Mike is a easy to work with real estate agent.

He is knowledgeable, understanding and listened to our needs when buying our home. We have used him for multiple real estate transaction and would recommend him to everyone.


We have worked with Mike several times now.

He is a rock star! If you want something done, he's your man. Knowledgeable, thorough, and quick. Thanks for everything!

Kelly And Glenn Blake

Nice Job With Our Land Purchase In Kalama, WA.

Lane Karabaic

First off Mike is really just a regular guy, however, he is different than most people because he has a keen sense of the real estate market and is willing to go the extra mile for his client.

I looked for a house for probably over six months straight (two to three nights a week and usually one day a weekend) and never really found what I wanted, so I took a break. Not once, did Mike force me into something I did not want. Additionally, he had no problem with giving me some space when I wanted a rest from the market and was more than willing to continue the search when I was ready. Mike is a very upfront kind of person. He tells it like it is and does not beat around the bush. He does not try to make a house sound or look more appealing to the client just to get the sale. I personally, was a very picky buyer, and not once did I see a look or feel of frustration from Mike. He was always willing to work on my terms, yet more than willing to give helpful advice and fill me in on the market. I truly believe that Mike is not only in it for the sale and earning an honest living, but he is in it for the client and finding the client the right home. When I did find my home, the closing process seemed flawless. To me it seemed like it was a very easy process, however, I know that in the background Mike was working his tail off to make it look like an easy transaction. I recommend Mike McCoy to anyone looking to purchase real estate, more specifically, I recommend Mike to a first time home buyer who is leary of "snakes in the grass" looking to take advantage of the buyer. Mike is without a doubt; the reason a person should work with a real estate agent, rather than trying to complete the process themselves. He is honestly worth the salary he receives at the end of the sale.

Tad Kisaka

Dear Mike, Dorothy and I owe you a long overdue thank you.

It has been just a year since we moved into our new home in Battle Ground. Thanks to your hard work and persistence, we found the perfect home for us. The fact that you spent at least six hours a day with us for four consecutive days looking at houses throughout Clark County blew us away. Your assistance did not stop after escrow closed either. As our one-year anniversary approached; we began receiving flyers in the mail soliciting home inspections for purposes of ensuring warranty work by our move in anniversary date. Dorothy and I were unsure of what to do and called you. You could have ignored our call. Instead, you promptly contacted us and then researched several inspection companies for us. You gave us sound advice as to what type of inspection we should have, if we wanted to have one at all. Thanks to you we opted for a full inspection at which time the inspector found a problem with one to the heating ducts under the house. The problem was causing a significant heat lose. We have since used the inspection information to have the contractor repair the heating duct problem and other smaller 'house settling' repairs. Mike, you were a Godsend for us new comers to Washington State and we will be forever grateful for your continued help and support to us. Rest assured as people ask us if we know of a good Realtor in the Clark County area we have your name and number handy to refer to them. Thanks again, Al & Dorothy Aulwurm

Al & Dorothy Aulwurm
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